Bodega Benegas Tasting

Special tasting with wine makers from Bodega Benegas vineyards.  Join us Wednesday March 10 from 5-9pm for a this special event.

Taste several wines from this fantastic Mendoza Argentina producer with a rich family history in wine.  Tasting cards on sale now for $10 if purchased before Monday March 8; $15 after March 8.

About the Vineyard

Tiburcio Benegas and two others are considered the first three pioneers in the wine industry in America. Benegas brought the first French grapevines ever introduced in Argentina.

Tiburcio Benegas, an example of hard work and optimism, managed to become the owner of the largest vineyard in his province in Mendoza.

At the beginning of the 70’s, the family company dissolved and the assets were sold. The Trapiche winery was demolished, and the vineyards were divided and sold. Pulenta bought the wine brands and Seagrams, the champagne brands. The only one that remained in the family was BENEGAS, owned at present by Federico J. Benegas Lynch.

Federico J. Benegas Lynch grew up by his father’s side, sampling wines and working in the vineyard. In 1998, Federico J. started the production of quality wines, fully convinced that he would achieve the level of excellence of his ancestors. Thus began a restoration period marking the beginning of a new era in the Benegas family, who had always been devoted to the art of wine from the very roots.