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Masi Amarone della Valpolicella Costasera

Discover ripe cherry, clove and red currant. From Veneto, Italy, produced by Masi. A dry wine with a full body. Try pairing it with seasoned tenderloin or mushroom dishes.

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Marchetti Verdicchio

Aromas of dry grass and yellow apple work well. Made by Marchetti in Marches, Italy. Look for tastes of orchard fruit and nectarine. Medium-bodied and dry. Foods like light butter dishes, english peas or sauteed shellfish pair well with this Verdicchio.

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Terredora Dipaolo Falanghina

If you like bouquets of honeydew, almond and blemished apple, give this one a try. Terredora di Paolo makes it in Campania, Italy. Features of dry earth and lemon preserves. The flavors generate a medium-bodied and dry feel. Such foods as grilled swordfish, sturgeon or escolar, white meat or citrus butter sauces pair well with this wine.

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Orin Swift The Prisoner

Aromas of ripe berry and cherry blends with a hint of new oak and dried herbs. Taste cream, raspberry jam, and black fruit. A delightful wine medium-bodied and dry. A soft front leads into a broad structured mid-palate and a long finish of ripe soft tannins. Enjoy with venison, lamb, bacon, polenta, mushrooms, or sherry sauces.

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Gai A Notios

Discover smells like ripe cherry and black fruit jam. Made in Greece by Gaia. Medium-bodied and dry. Look for flavors of rocky soil, blackberry jam and melange of black fruit. This wine is a classic match with foods like lasagna, grilled pork loin or cornmeal.

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Morande Reserva Carmenere

A great traditional Chilean Carmenere, with aromas of wild blackberries, blueberries, and green pepper. Tastes of ripe black fruit, bell pepper, and sun dried tomato. Superbly balanced with a long, velvety smooth finish. A great foodie wine!

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Il Borgo Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

Great flavors of red and black fruit abound in this great Italian table wine. Dry, yet explosive on the palate. Great with any Italian cuisine.

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Valpolicella Ripasso Soraighe

Medium intense ruby red color.  This wine has a pleasant and delicate bouquet with hints of vanilla that make for an harmonic and velvety taste.

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Amarone della Valpolicella

An intense, ruby red wine with a velvety, complex and elegant taste. Tastes of red fruit and dried fruit rounded off with touch of bitter almond. We recommend this great Italian red with veal, steak, or lamb.

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Palacios Villa de Corullon Bierzo

This mencia from the famed Palacios family in Bierzo, Spain, is a rich dark wine with notes of dark red raspberry, blood plums, and ripe boysenberry. This is all intermingled with hints of dried rose petals, damp earth, and subtle notes of smoke and oak. We recommend this wine with roasted pork and Spanish rice.

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Autin d'Madama Langhe Nebbiolo

This classic Italian nebbiolo from Piedmont is a great way to introduce to the world of classic Italian reds! Filled with flavors of dried cherry and dark fruit, along with the allure of roses, this wine balances strong acidity with a soft tannic base that is perfect for pairing with traditional Italian fare or a nice grilled steak.

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